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Foster Carers Needed

Foster caring saves lives ,it is a volunteer job filled with much joy and and sometimes sadness, you really get to make a change for the better in a needy animals life from your own home.If you are interested please click on the Volunteer Foster Carers button below.  


Like to Volunteer for Stalls, BBQ's and many other things we need a hand with, its a great way to meet other like minded people who share a love and commitment to animals, then fill out our volunteer recruitment form by clicking the below button  Thank You

DABS is a non-profit ACNC  registered charity. Any funds raised from the adoption of our dogs and cats is entirely put towards the costs involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, vet fees, ongoing care of animals in our care.

All animals we rehome are vet checked, vaccinated, micro chipped, de sexed and are heart worm tested.  Most of all, they are loved, but need your ongoing love and patience, and a nice snuggly bed at night!
DABS also assists people on pensions to access discounted de sexing for the pet.  We encourage this as it helps prevent unwanted litters - many of which end up in our pounds, or worse, euthanised.

Please help us to help the animals - who else will?


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