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A Happy Ever After Tale

Purrfect in Every Way

We recently adopted an adorable cat named Annabelle, a British Blue mix and the timing couldn’t have been more purrfect. Our daughter is on the autism spectrum and has been asking for a cat, she had been researching all about cat ownership in the hope it would convince me. We already had 2 dogs (coincidently Annabelle is purrfectly colour coded with our blue roan cocker spaniel and blue border collie) and just lost our rabbit. One night I went online to do my own research, and came across Annabelle. I showed her to my daughter and our hearts just melted. She had only just been put up for adoption, but on talking to Elizabeth from Domestic Animal Birth Control Society (DABS) she understood our needs and that of Annabelle’s and I think she felt in her heart it would be a purrfect match and well the rest is history.

I am convinced from the day Annabelle and my daughter met she saw right into my daughter’s soul, they share an inseparable bond and both are all the more happier together now they have each other in their lives. Annabelle is the sweetest, she has taken to sleeping beside my daughter every night and watches over her as she completes her HSC by correspondence. Retrospectively, I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner, but like all things timing is everything - well purrfect.

It’s not hard to understand why there were so many applications for Annabelle and we so appreciate Elizabeth seeing something in us. She does an amazing job making a difference to both feline and human lives and I thank her for her efforts and those who are dedicated to matching furever homes to animals through no fault of their own end up a little misplaced at some point in their lives. As Elizabeth rightly said, sometimes our pets rescue us as much as we rescue them.

BTW My daughter has renamed Annabelle - Remi (as she is a Remedy for her heart)


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